Mike Rowe: Friend of Agriculture

At the 2009 National FFA Convention, one of the keynote speakers was Mike Rowe, host of the highly successful show “Dirty Jobs.” Now, among all FFA speakers, Mike spoke to the audience about working hard, being driven and not waiting until it’s too late to start influencing those around you.  He also spoke about animal agriculture.  In an interview with Farm Broadcaster Orion Samuelson after his speech, Mike discussed his opinion on the animal rights – animal advocacy agenda.

In the interview, Mike was quick to state that the ‘original environmentally minded, the original dirty jobb-ers and the original conservationists’ are farmers and producers.  Instead of caring only about green ($), producers care first about the brown, because they work in it all day, and then the green is their reward.  Mike doesn’t claim to be an advocate, merely a friend. But, he’s a friend with an extremely successful tv show that highlights ordinary Americans doing tough jobs — 40% of those people are farmers/producers.

He also had some thoughts on the stance of PETA and HSUS.  Mike said that when an organization states their main goal is to eradicate animal agriculture; there’s no hiding it.  Because of the radical agenda and presentations of both PETA and HSUS, the public hasn’t had an honest look that captures the entire understanding of the situation, which is a very critical detail.

If you’d like to view the entire interview click here.  As always, Rowe is hilarious and he talks about his project “Mike Rowe Works”.  It would be awesome if we could recruit Mike Rowe to be our spokesperson, much like his job for Ford.  Let’s get on it.

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