KSU Collegian Speaks Out Against PETA!

That’s right – you heard it here on Buzzard’s Beat!  The KSU Collegian published an article speaking out against PETA for the organization’s blatant disregard for morality.

The article, Puppy Love: PETA seeks limelight, uses attacks for promotion, written by KSU junior Leslie Campbell, cites the immature acts that have taken place at various PETA appearances.  Most recently, a PETA member threw a tofu cream in the face of the Canadian Fisheries and Oceans Minister – Gail Shea.  Although Ms. Shea brushed off the incident with a laugh and commented on the “blandness” of the pie.  This act is just one of many outlandish occurrences that PETA whips up.

PETA has a long history of outrageous advertising to try to persuade people that eating meat and wearing fur is wrong.  For example take this billboard

Obviously, this was put up to influence people to think that eating meat will lead to extreme obesity.  We agriculturalists know this to be not true — especially since there are 29 cuts of lean beef, including the T-bone and tenderloin, which contribute to a heart healthy diet!  Additional instances of attacks on meat eating are the numerous accounts of scantily clad women holding signs saying “Go Vegetarian.”  This is supposed to imply that being vegetarian is sexy and will keep you super thin. 
I think Leslie Campbell says it very succinctly when she states, “PETA is nothing more than a vicious organization, seeking out the limelight every chance they see possible.”  Yep, I’d say that just about sums it up.
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