Despite consumer protests, Yellow Tail follows through with HSUS Donation

If you checked on either my blog, Agropinion or Advocates for Agriculture, you would have seen the cry for action from agriculturalists.  Yellow Tail wines pledged $100,000 to HSUS to help ‘save puppies and kittens’.  Upon hearing this, agriculturalists from across the nation posted on Yellow Tail’s page their disgust with the decision and supposedly Yellow Tail was ‘listening.’  Their facebook status yesterday, “Hi all, lots of conversation here today – we’re listening. Check back soon, as we’ll be announcing news shortly on our Tails for Tails program”, presented that they were going to listen to their consumers and not support HSUS.
Unfortunately, just a few hours later this was the new Yellow Tail status, “Okay, there’s been good feedback here recently. Here’s an update on where our donation will be directed to celebrate animals: We’ve decided to use all of our $100K gift to aid animal rescue:”  Obviously, they still haven’t done their research about the true destination of funds that are donated to HSUS.  All day yesterday and today, people have continued to post their comments.  Some are economical and state the true value of Yellow Tail’s decision – take this one for example:

“Wow!!! Looks like someone in marketing committed an expensive $100,000 mistake. You not only blew 100 grand, but lost more than that in sales. Me alone, 2 bottles per week @ $7.00 per bottle = $728.00 in one year( for just me) If this was my company, I’d have heads rolling, make an apology, and hope my sales isn’t ruined forever!”

Others chose to cite how well wine and steak go together or offered suggestions of other organizations that could use a $100,000 donation.  The bottom line is; if you want to help animal shelters, donate directly to the shelter. Also, don’t tick off your main customer base – hard working Americans who produce the nation’s food supply.

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