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  • Chipotle: That’s Not Natural

    Chipotle: That’s Not Natural

    Chipotle appears on my blog often – the burrito giant often brags about sourcing naturally raised meats while condemning conventional agriculture and even goes to such lengths to produce anti-conventional agriculture videos that are glaringly inaccurate, which makes them a high priority on the list of blog topics. Which is why this photo I saw…

  • Which Food Service Companies Ban Gestation Stalls?

    Which Food Service Companies Ban Gestation Stalls?

     image from here It seems like almost every month another food service provider breaks with the news that they are going to be phasing out gestation stalls. I have scoured searched a little bit on the internet for a succinct list of all these food companies but haven’t been very successful. Then I thought to…

  • Meeting Ag Tweeps Down Under!

    Meeting Ag Tweeps Down Under!

    Earlier this week, Hyatt and I had the privilege of meeting Grahame Rees. Grahame is the co-owner and operator of KLR Marketing, a program that, among other things, educates producers about how to successfully market their livestock and protect their equity, in Loomberah, NSW. Grahame briefly spoke to us about his Low Stress Stockhandling schools and invited us…