Simply Delicious Bacon Chicken Alfredo

Simply Delicious Bacon Chicken AlfredoI am a messy cook. I’m not sure why, I don’t enjoy doing the dishes, but I tend to use a lot of different pots and pans when I cook. This easy recipe for bacon chicken alfredo could actually be a legitimate “one pot” meal for a normal person. But I used three, because I’m excessive. Go figure.

Anyway, I was starving at my aunt’s house a month or so ago and she was making large batch lunches for my uncle and her and I saw this in the kitchen. I served myself up a bowl. And then two more. Y’all, I ate damn near 1/2 of her batch (whoops – sorry Aunt D!). So the other night when I was trying to think of something quick and delicious for the Ninja and I after a day of church, looking at cows in an upcoming sale, and fixing multiple broken things on the ranch, this recipe popped into my head and I couldn’t get it out. I guarantee that if you like chicken, bacon and alfredo sauce, this will become a regular meal in your rotation.


Simply Delicious Bacon Chicken Alfredo
– 3/4 lb bacon (use a whole pound if you LOVE bacon!)
– 4 medium sized chicken breasts (~5 oz each)
– 6 c. choice pasta (I used rotini but my aunt uses penne)
– 2 jars alfredo sauce of your choice (I used Prego and it’s a 16 oz jar)
– peas, optional
– salt & pepper/seasoning salt to taste

In large stock pot, fry bacon on medium heat. Once done, set aside and crumble. Retain about 1/4-1/2 of the bacon grease in pan.

Dice chicken breasts into desired chunk size, season with seasoning salt/s&p and cook until done in bacon grease (you can drain all of the bacon grease off and use olive oil but why waste good bacon grease?!) After chicken is done cooking, remove from pan and set aside.

Fill stockpot with water and bring to boil – cook pasta according to directions on package.

Once pasta is done, drain and return to stock pot. Add in bacon, chicken and alfredo sauce – stir well to coat all ingredients in sauce. Warm to desired heat level and serve! Bonus: you can add in peas or other vegetables for color, texture and increased nutritional value as I did for the Ninja (my bowl was pea-less).

Makes 5-6 large servings – you are not going to have leftovers, folks. Sorry to get your hopes up. For two people, I made half of the above recipe, which should have yielded leftovers…. NOPE! It was gone-dy. Delicious, but gone.

I hope you LOVE this as much as we did! Thanks for the recipe Aunt D!

Until next time
~ Buzzard ~



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  1. Who doesn’t love anything cooked in bacon grease?!? I keep a jar in the fridge! I always fry eggs in it and use it sometimes when I roast vegetables in the oven. That might make you try more veggies, Brandi!

    1. Avatar

      I have tried frying Brussels sprouts in bacon grease, but I still thought they were foul! But I agree, who wouldn’t want the tasty flavor of bacon grease impacting their food?!