Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Rodeo Pictures

There’s a picture challenge going around on Facebook to share your five favorite horse/rodeo pics. My boo Michelle tagged me to do it but I ended up sharing seven because it was too hard to narrow it down and if I only did five then barrel racing and goat tying were going to be left out! I posted it on Facebook so I’ll post it here too!


Goat tying at Hays, KS
Tying goats at the Hays college rodeo on Michelle’s awesome steed, Stitch. Muddy as all get-out.
Barrel racing at Ottawa, KS high school rodeo
The horse that helped me make my comeback into rodeo after a 5 year hiatus – Ace
Breakaway roping at Colby, KS
My first college rodeo as a Wildcat – made the short round at Colby and broke the barrier (surprise).
Breakaway roping at Alva, OK
NWOSU college rodeo in Alva, OK.
I worked my ass off for two years at Fort Scott Community College – practicing six days a week, shredding straw bales and running thousands of miles down the road – so I could step up my game and be competitive with the great ropers in the Central Plains region. Under the guidance and coaching of Chad Cross and Larry Irish, it worked! I was a FSCC Greyhound before I was a Wildcat and I am forever grateful to my coaches for all they did for me and Doc!
Breakaway roping at Pratt, KS
Good Lord, he was an amazing horse. Doc is a pasture pet now, until we have kids.
Breakaway roping at Pratt, KS
Short-round at Pratt Community College rodeo. Won the long round and finished third in the average (broke the barrier again – surprise).
Breakaway roping at Hays, KS
Hays College Rodeo – probably my favorite picture of Doc and I. This one hangs in my office and he hangs out in the barn

What are some of your favorite rodeo and horse memories? Have you shared something similar on your Facebook page or blog? Leave the link in the comments below!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

photo credits from top to bottom: Dale Hirschman, Kent Kerschner, JJJ Photo, Dale Hirschman (4x)