Turning Over a New Leaf — 101 in 1001 Update

Hey there – ho there! I am trying to do a better job of periodic updates on my 101 in 1001 list so I’m doing just that today.

You’ll recall this list started on January 30, 2014 so I’m about 6.5 months into this current challenge and I’m already very pleased with the goals I’ve reached; not necessarily because there have been so many of them but because there have been some major lifestyle changes!

Without further ado, here are 12 of the 15 goals I have completed thus far:

  • Workout 3x/week for 3 months
  • Workout 3x/week for 6 months
  • Give up soda for a month
  • Try 5 new foods (reindeer, elk, red snapper, edamame, okra) – the first three were good, the fourth was ok and the last one sucked.
  • Make homemade bread without a bread maker – it was SO GOOD!
  • Go whitewater rafting
  • Go rock climbing, hiking etc – Did a whole heap of this while in Alaska (which was the trip of a lifetime, btw) 
  • Hiking up a mountain to climb a glacier – such a cool experience!

  • Get a RT/mention from someone famous on Twitter- Peta doesn’t count
  • Do you see that BOB FREAKIN’ SEGER mentioned me?!
  • Meet 5 social media friends IRL – Troy and Stacy Hadrick, Chuck Jolley, Janeal Yancey, Danielle (Beard) Hayden, Daniel Hayden, Stacy Bettinghouse
  • Check off some more concerts on my old soul music bucket list
  • Speak on behalf of agriculture 3x (1 – Women Managing the Farm Conference; 2 – Sigma Alpha at KSU; 3 – Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow at KSU)
  • Prepare one new recipe per week for 8 weeks (chicken stir-fry, beer drenched pork chops, crockpot potato soup, lasagna soup, new flank steak marinade, stuffed burgers, fruit pizza, fiesta goulash)
    • Most of those eight recipes are available on the recipe page – my favorite of those listed is a tie between the lasagna soup and the flank steak marinade (which both include beef)!
    That was some DELISH flank steak!

    You’ll notice that a lot of those goals are about living a more active, healthy lifestyle and trying new things, building relationships and growing as a person. Think I’m kidding? Look at some of these goals that I have started but not yet finished:

    • Run 10 short distance races — 5 and 10Ks (1 – Manhattan St Patrick’s Day 10K; 2 – Color Run 5/31/14; 3 – The Amazing Grace 5K 7/5/14;
    • Run 3 – half marathons (yes, you read that correctly) (1 – Glass City Half Marathon 4/27/14;
    • Read the Bible from front to back (Old and New Testament) – Sharita showed me this great guide
    • Triple the amount of $$ in my 401(k)
    • Have zero credit card debt
    • Cut my student loan debt in 1/2
    • Make a ‘Recipes’ section on the blog and post 50 recipes
    • Blog at least once per week for an entire year
    • Fill a journal
    • Read one book per month – revise and update book list to reflect what I’ve read
    • Add 10 more books to our library (an actual printed copy) (1 – Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson; 2 – Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer; 3 – Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin; 4 – Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin;

    Yes, I am apparently a “runner” again, although I really don’t like calling myself that. I haven’t used that phrase to describe myself since I graduated high school and stopped running cross country and track. But man, do I like being able to fit into jeans from my junior college years! I’ve also really enjoyed getting back into reading, something I haven’t been able to do “for fun” for about six years.

    I’d like to do another update in three months or so, but if I haven’t accomplished more than a handful of goals by then, I may push it back. I really love lists and goals – this challenge keeps me accountable and gets me to try new things, step outside my comfort zone and do some exciting things!

    So how are your lists coming? Have you achieved some of your goals? Weigh in below!

    Until next time,
    ~ Buzzard ~


    2 responses to “Turning Over a New Leaf — 101 in 1001 Update”

    1. I love fried okra and edamame. Elk is my favorite "other" red meat, and Red Snapper is awesome. Reindeer I've never eaten.

      1. Reindeer was good – we had it in the sausage form in tacos. Which is really weird sounding but was tasty! I had Red Snapper in Alaska and I could probably eat that for every meal!

        Edemame was good – will take me some getting used to but the okra was gross. I'm a texture person and it was nasty!