Rabbit Meat is the New Horse Meat

If you haven’t seen the news lately, you’ve missed out on the ruckus Whole Foods Market is causing by selling rabbit meat in select locations in North Carolina and the D.C. metro area. Obviously, close-minded American up in arms. I forgot that if a food product isn’t widely consumed in the U.S. it must be wrong to eat it elsewhere in the world. Silly me. Does this sound vaguely familiar?

Rabbit carcasses arranged in a butcher shop
Rabbit carcasses in a butcher shop
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Hmm –  that’s right. This sounds like the horse meat argument all over again. The vast majority of Americans are against the consumption of horse meat as well. Something to do with companion animals – nevermind the fact that both rabbit meat and horse meat are widely available and consumed in other countries like Germany, France and China.

According to FOX News, several activist organizations banded together for a day of action where participants were encouraged to reach out to shoppers of Whole Foods and explain “… what wonderful animals rabbits are and remind them how popular rabbits are as pets.” Guess what else is a popular pet that we eat? Fish. Sorry, Goldie.

This whole issue boils down to one small group of very vocal people striving to take control of society’s consumption patterns. Nevermind the fact that Whole Foods Market developed a slaughter system that is in line with the high animal welfare standards they already in place for beef, pork and chicken. Nevermind the fact that, apparently, customers of the high end grocery chain have been asking for rabbit meat for years. Nevermind the fact that if you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it.

While I was in France for a study abroad trip in 2009, I saw rabbit carcasses in the window of many butcher shops. It was perfectly normal – there were no animal rights groups staging sit-ins or attempting to sway consumers away from their purchases. Alternative meats are the norm outside of the U.S. – when are we going to start being more civilized and catch up with the rest of the world?

What’s your take – would you eat rabbit meat? Do you think rabbits should be for pets only?

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One response to “Rabbit Meat is the New Horse Meat”

  1. Great article. I would eat rabbit meat.
    The only problem that I have with horse meat is that our government doesn't regulate it (I live in Canada). This means that the horses could be pumped full of drugs and then processed for human consumption.. that bothers me.