We Are Hungry – School Lunch Parody

Song parodies with an agriculture twist aren’t going to stop anytime soon. In light of the recent school lunch policies and the continual mindset that some people have about conventional farming practices, the internet is alive with young minds belting out popular hits with altered lyrics.

First there were the Peterson Farm Brothers and I’m Farming and I Grow It (which has over 7 million views, by the way).

Then, Lil Fred put out his version of ‘Call Me, Maybe’ with “Farm It Maybe“, which has over 1 million hits.

Most recently, the kids at Wallace County High School in Sharon Springs, Kansas (yeah, that’s right another Kansas group – we’re the bomb) have come up with this awesome gem of a video.

Introducing….. We Are Hungry

I think these guys and gals hit the nail right on the dang head. Kids are active and need food to play sports, keep their minds sharp and have enough energy to get through 6-7 hours of class per day. You can watch it here but also head over to YouTube and give them a thumbs up or a nice comment. They’re doing their part to increase awareness of a flawed school nutrition program.

Oh and that kid in the I Heart Beef shirt (from Kansas State University – booyah) is a good family friend named Callahan Grund. The kind of kid you want to be friends with because he’s a hardworker, funny and good-natured. His mom is in the video too and apparently she makes some good meatloaf.

Way to go guys – this is fantastic and had me grinning from ear to ear! Keep up the good work!

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4 responses to “We Are Hungry – School Lunch Parody”

  1. Great Video. I will pass this along to my lunch lady friends who are just as unhappy to have to serve the new menu choices as the kids are to have them. With that said, the strategy behind the healthy eating theory is great but application is not practical at all!

  2. I agree. I think it's great to offer more fruits and vegetables but that still doesn't help in the energy area. Kids need food for an active lifestyle! If parents are going to entrust their kids to administrators and teachers from 8-3 and then for another 2 hours or so until practice is over (a total of 9 hours) they need more food! How many times do most people eat in 9 hours? I bet it's more than once! Thanks for reading and passing it along!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    You get more food than this on Weight Watchers!! I think it's ridiculous to have this "new menu".
    Sure its great to have fruits and veggies, but what about the other four food groups plus a special healthy treat for our kids?! I AM on Weight Watchers and I cant eat all of what I am alloted. Come on people FEED OUR KIDS PROPERLY. THEY NEED ENERGY AND SOMETHING TO GET THEM THROUGH THE DAY. Moo-chelle Obama feeds her mug like you wouldnt beleive. She brought her personal chef from Chicago!! She IS overweight. Love the video, but who has this wonderful singing voice??

    Signed Gramma

  4. Thanks for your comment and for voicing your opinion Gramma! You are most certainly correct!