PETA @ the Kansas State Fair

I’m going to the Kansas State Fair this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it. I haven’t been in about 4 years (where has the time gone?) and I am also very excited to see a particular booth….

As you probably guessed from the title, I’ll be stopping by the PETA booth. If you haven’t seen this news yet, it reports that PETA cannot show its graphic and very highly likely, false, undercover videos on large screens so that people will be drawn. I agree with the judges decision because if I was a parent, I would want to control what my children could watch and showing a graphic video on a large screen would prevent me from doing that. And here are some of his thoughts:

In rejecting the group’s request for that restraining order, Marten
said restrictions imposed by fair officials were minimal and did not
constitute any significant infringement on PETA’s free speech rights.
However, Marten declined to dismiss PETA’s lawsuit, as the state had

Marten noted fair officials are not preventing PETA
from showing its undercover video. Instead, he said, this could be as
simple as turning a TV screen away from the public flow down the aisle

Just to clarify, I am going out of pure curiosity. Not to rile anyone up, cause a ruckus, rock the boat or upset the fruit basket. I just want to know what their goals are and perhaps how they decided on the Kansas State Fair as a venue for outreach.

Has anyone out there ever had a conversation with animal rights activists or extremists? I’d love to hear you experiences!

Oh and although yesterday I said that that is wasn’t a fashion blog (because it’s not and I’m rarely put together) I did put another outfit today. Mainly because I’m working on one of my 101 in 1001 goals this week and that requires skirts/dresses which requires a little more planning than a top, plain pants and flats. Which is my usual get-up. I’m very exciting and like to take risks (sarcasm intended). Without further ado…

Blazer: Maurices
Blouse: The Buckle (many moons ago), similar
Skirt: Banana Republic clearance at factory store, similar from PiperLime but no tie front
Shoes: Maurices(many moons ago), similar from JCP
Necklace: some wild safari thing with a tiger head from Charlotte Russe, similar
Steer horn bracelet: R.M. Williams (Australia), similar
I have a few favorite fashion blogs, if you have a spare second you should check them out!
Wimmer Wimmer Chicken Dinner – Sheridan is so stylish and cute, it’s ridic
Uber Chic For Cheap – this girl puts together outfits from affordable pieces and also posts sales and hairstyles
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Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


5 responses to “PETA @ the Kansas State Fair”

  1. I don't even deserve you to mention my blog. But I appreciate it. Ex's and Oh's.

  2. Interested to learn about your experience at the fair with the PETA booth.

  3. I met someone recently who thinks that the HSUS is the grandest thing in the world and that they help the local humane societies and we got in a bit of a heated debate about that issue. She donates money to the HSUS because she says that it goes to her local Humane society. I was like, you should do a lot more research before you go claiming that and it was on. Let's just say my experience was…. fun….

  4. Nicole – just sponsored a commercial in Iowa about how only .01 of each dollar goes towards local animal shelters. I think you can google it or find it on YouTube – you should email it to your friend!