I Love McDonald’s

For several reasons.

While in Australia, I ate a lot of McDonald’s food. Not because I had cravings or anything (read: Buzzard is not pregnant) but because I generally didn’t like the food in Australia (too many veggies and far too much lamb) so I took a lot of long walks to McD’s (known as Macca’s) for some world famous fries and 100% Australian beef (that’s a topic for later discussion).

Australia’s McDonald’s did a great job reaching out to consumers and putting a face to their beef and potato producers. In fact, one of my first blog posts after arriving in Australia was about their great agvocacy on packaging.

That’s why I’m super excited about the latest marketing campaign by U.S. McDonald’s: commercials featuring beef, lettuce and potato producers for the chain. Steve Fogelsong, former NCBA President, is featured in the beef video and throughout the video he talks about passion, having experience and occasionally getting your “butt kicked.” He also touches on the quality standards for McDonald’s and states that “you can’t get great taste without great quality.”

In the other two videos, the producers talk about the hard work that goes into farming and how they are continuing a family farm for the 4th generation. The story about how iceberg lettuce got its name also comes up – you learn something everyday!

This is such a fantastic initiative and I am thrilled that McDonald’s has stepped up to the plate to make the connection from farm to fork. Obviously, they are doing it for their own accord but the ripple effect that it could have for agriculture is monumental.

So for your viewing pleasure, here are the beef, potato and lettuce videos that are creating a firestorm of buzz among agriculturalists. I hope you enjoy them and share them with your friend!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


5 responses to “I Love McDonald’s”

  1. I agree! What a great initiative!

  2. I saw these on a post just the other day! I think this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!


  3. That's cool! But BTW? Too much lamb? You obviously didn't come far enough North!

  4. Very cool, is great to see major production chains getting behind their producers and telling the whole story and recognising them for their efforts.
    The reason behind the lamb: Australia has a big promotion campaign headed by a guy called Sam Kekovich to encourage Aussies and the rest of the world to eat more lamb.

  5. Lori – I thought so too!

    Hannah – You're welcome. Thanks for the comment. I finally saw the potato one on tv yesterday, hoping to see beef soon.

    Kids – You're right – I was in Melbourne 80% of the time!

    Justin – I did not know that but I would say the campaign was successful!