Stolen Smells

So, this week Buzzard is swamped with my project, THE project.  From 4:30 am Tuesday to 8 p.m Friday my life will be consumed with pigs, blood, carbon dioxide and I think you can figure the rest out from there.  Since I don’t have a ton of time to write you a truly original post (are mine ever really that original?), I am ‘stealing’ from a friend’s blog.   Michael Lanzrath has a truly funny blog, Cud Chewin’, that discusses everything going on in his life: drama about school decisions, marathon training, agriculture, photography, family – everything.  My post today is based off his post, Smell Bank.  You really should read it before or after you read this post.  It’s great and my inspiration for today. So without further ado……Buzzard’s smellbank.

A horse manure and dirt cocktail  – our new neighbors in the ‘hood (the Trailerhood, pictures are coming, I promise), brought horses.  Since mine are at home and won’t be with me again until I return from Australia in 2012, they are a welcome delight.  Everytime they get to running around and stirring up dust, I drift back to dusk in an arena where I’m roping, laughing and chasing my dreams with my brother and my dad.  I long for those days of coming home from basketball practice, saddling horses and roping until 9 or 10 at night.  I will soon be reunited with my rope and saddle — only 14 more months……

Brut aftershave – Grandpa Ken used to wear this, God rest his soul.  I remember clinging to his neck when I was a little girl and was scared of the dark.  He always had a five o’clock shadow and smelled of sweet sweet Brut.  Strong and comforting, he would tell me not to be afraid because I was a big girl.  I may be a big girl now, but I’m certain there are still things that scare me.  A sniff of Brut takes me back.

The ‘clean sheets and towels’ smell- who doesn’t love sheets and towels right out of the dryer that smell like Snuggle?

Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon candles – because they set the mood for the entire fall season and shoot me right into winter and Christmas.  When I was little, our house always smelled like one of those scents (sometimes both) starting in October and going into February.  Reminds me of popcorn, family times and laying infront of the heater when it was -100 outside (not quite -100 but you get the point)!

Ok – so I hope this insight into my past will tide you over until my next post which will hopefully be Thursday or Friday.  Enjoy the smellbank of your lives! wow – corny.

Until next time,