Hollywood Scientist Set to Appear at Kansas State!

 Photo courtesy of http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Sorry for my hiatus in blogging, dear friends.  Last week my project consumed my life and I just haven’t gotten back into the swing of blogging regularly.  However, today I’ve got great news – which you may have already heard about but if not, check it out!

Temple Grandin, PhD, will be coming to K-State on November 9-10 to give two lectures.  The first will be on November 9th at 7pm in Forum Hall in the KSU Student Union.  The lecture is entitled, “The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Look at the Science”.  On Wednesday, November 10, Temple will be speaking in the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine in Frick Auditorium and will be giving a lecture about dogs and cat health/welfare.  Both events will be very thought provoking and exciting!

Temple is probably the most functional autistic person in the world and has written several books about how her autism has helped give her insight to how animals behave and possibly, feel.  She has authored hundreds of journal articles and designed over half of the animal handling facilities at slaughter plants in the United States.  Recently, the movie about Temple’s life, Temple Grandin, won 7 Emmy awards.  She is a truly amazing person and we’re so excited to host her at KSU!

Temple’s visit is co-sponsored by Food For Thought and KSU’s University Programming Council.  Follow me on twitter for more Temple updates in the coming weeks!

Until next time,