The Real Survivors: America’s Farmers and Ranchers

I heard a great song last night on the radio when I was driving back to MHK from beautiful SEK – it’s called “Real” and it’s sung by newcomer James Wesley.  Check it out here – SUCH  a good song!

I’m getting married in 3 months so the first chorus about a couple being married for 57 years tugs at my heart but the second verse and chorus are purely written in tribute to America’s farmers and ranchers – specifically it calls them ‘survivors’.  Today’s reality shows don’t depict the real American way of life.  In fact, reality TV shows couldn’t be more far off from the daily grind of being a farmer.  Wesley sounds like he may have logged a few hours in a tractor…..

And the survivors are farmers in John Deere hats

Our amazin’ race is beatin’ the check
Prayin’ that the bank ain’t ran it through yet

Real, like too much rain fallin’ from the sky
Real, like the drought that came around here last July
It’s the damn boll weevils and the market and the weeds, the prayer they’re sayin’ when they plant the seeds
And the chance they take to bring us our next meal

          I call that real

I love it when celebrities recognize how hard farmers and ranchers work to put safe, affordable food on our tables.  I can’t wait to see what Mr. Wesley releases next.

Until next time,