Kyla Clawson – KSU Agvocate in Action

About a month ago, the K-State Collegian printed an anti-meat article by none other than Beth Mendenhall.  If you must, you can read that piece of work here.  Most students would just grumble and say “that’s a load of bologna” and go on about their day – forgetting about the attacks on the meat and agriculture industry.

Enter K-State jr. Kyla Clawson.  Kyla is an Animal Sciences & Industry major, is a member of the KSU Meats Judging team and a very active member in Collegiate Cattlewomen.  Like a good agvocate, Kyla didn’t sit on her duff and allow her industry to be bashed without rebuttal.  You can ready Kyla’s letter to the editor (which was published) here.

Kyla is a shining example of agvocacy on campus.  She very tactfully disputed Beth’s claims against meat by citing results of a scientific study and highlighting the nutritional benefits of beef in order to back up her statements.  Kyla based her article on science and not ethical arguments.  Way to go Kyla!

Props also go out to the Collegian staff for printing Kyla’s letter – my response to a previous, unfounded article of Mendenhall’s were rejected.

Until next time,