Food, History and Kansas – A Hat Trick

(Photo courtesy of Great Plains Foodways Connection’s website)

My homepage is set to (I bleed purple) and yesterday when I opened up my browser, one of the recent headlines was highlighting this new website called Great Plains Foodways Connection.  Intrigued….

Upon further investigation, I discovered that GPFC’s mission is to ‘explore, conserve and celebrate Kansas food heritage and its contributions to the American culinary tapestry through research and education.” Food and history (think –> chuckwagons), two things I absolutely love.  Sweet.

GPFC also “explores the powerful but often subtle ways in which food has shaped, and shapes, our lives socially, economically, politically, mentally, nutritionally, and morally. Because food is a pervasive social phenomenon, it cannot be approached by any one discipline.” Food shapes lives – oh you bet.

 In a nutshell, they have a blog about food’s history, they advertise food events like the Anderson County CornFest (my home county!!), they enable networking among foodies and of course, they have a recipe page. They even have historic cook books! Yeah!

Check it out — I meant to spend 10 minutes perusing and ended up exploring for over an hour! 

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One response to “Food, History and Kansas – A Hat Trick”

  1. Great find! Thank you for posting!