‘Farm Grown’ Soup?!

Yesterday, while watching the Chiefs dominate the 49er’s, a Campbell’s soup commercial highlighted their ‘farm grown ingredients’. Wow – I can buy soup that contains farm grown ingredients?!?! Where do I shop to do that? Answer: at any grocery store in any state because ALL vegetables, fruits, grains and meat products are farm grown.

I’m sure Campbell’s thought that ‘farm grown’ indicated ‘family farm grown’ but even that definition can be severely misconstrued. Ninety-eight percent of American farms are family owned and operated. Period. From the 40 acre small family farm to the 6,000 head family owned feedlot – 98% are family farms.

I think it’s important to highlight farm facts when addressing the public and non-producers. Supporting local farmers by purchasing produce at farmer’s markets is a great way to support your community. Buying soup from a company that suggests that “not all vegetables are created equal” is misguided support. ALL FOOD IS GROWN ON A FARM. Don’t pay more for a gimmick – spend your money on wholesome and healthy food.
That being said, I really love Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and can’t wait until a good frost so I can pop open a can for lunch.

Until next time,