Wine Fed Beef

Another niche market has popped up in the beef industry – wine fed beef.  Canada is trying to produce the equivalent of Japanese Kobe beef by supplementing red wine from the Okanagan valley to the normal feedlot ration.  Cattle are fed this combination for the last 90 days before being harvested – feedlot owner Bill Freding says that the meat doesn’t have the flavor of wine to it but it is darker red and has a sweeter taste.  Freding said that representatives from the British Columbian meat industry are very excited about the product and have been requesting steaks and ribs a lot.

Makes me wonder what is next?  Champagne fed pork?  Boone’s Farm (Wild Island) chicken?  What about using a white wine? Would that make the meat too bitter?  Anything is possible in the agricultural industry but one thing is for certain….. Yellowtail won’t be used in any livestock diets.

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~ Buzzard ~


2 responses to “Wine Fed Beef”

  1. Brandi, everyone knows Snow Peak Peach is the best flavor of Boone's Farm! 😉

  2. The blue one is my favorite 🙂