Bacon? Do I smell bacon?

It’s kind of hard to get that Beggin Strips commercial out of your head.  Bacon? Do I smell bacon? Makes me hungry thinking about it.  Is there another food that is so commonly used to make stuff better?

Think about it?  Want to instantly make a filet mignon even more delicious?  Wrap bacon around it.
Guess what adding bacon to a salad does?  Transforms that salad into a meal.  I can never get enough bacon and in honor of my friend Brandon, who is affectionately nicknamed “The Baconator” because of his graduate work on the savory dish, I have decided to compile a list of all things bacon. Enjoy!

Bacon flavored vodka — I discovered this while traveling abroad in Europe last March.  Not exactly my cup of tea but at least it’s unique.

The Bacon Explosion – the Ninja and The Baconator made this heart-valve-clogging concoction last fall and it was really good!  (This has sausage in it too – doubly good)!

Jim Gaffigan loves bacon and has done several hilarious stand up shows involving the delectable meat.  The salad becoming an entree joke is from one of his shows.

Foods I think are made much better with bacon:  mac n’ cheese, loin eyes (pork and beef), salads, any kind of pasta, toast and strawberry jelly (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it), lil’ smokies — the list goes on and on. 

and for man’s best friend – don’t forget coupons for Beggin’ Strips

For more cool bacon recipes, information and fun ideas go to  You’ll love it!  There are also health facts on there that state that we must have fats in our diet to absorb fat soluble vitamins, aid with digestion by lubricating the intestine walls and fats aid with nutrient and metabolite diffusion across cell membranes.  Check out the rest of the healthy fat facts!  Remember to consume in moderation, of course.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


4 responses to “Bacon? Do I smell bacon?”

  1. I gotta admit I love bacon…and Jim Gaffigan.


  2. He is so hilarious!

  3. Um…favorite blog post of yours. Ever.

  4. don't forget about chocolate covered bacon at the great indiana state fair last year!