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  • Blogiversary – The Big 3 and A Freebie!

    Blogiversary – The Big 3 and A Freebie!

    Three years ago this coming Sunday, I started a blog with this post about one of my favorite agriculture traditions. And boy oh boy, I had no idea the things that would come of this little ole blog. Over the past 3 years and almost 300 posts, I have learned far more about blogging and…

  • Meeting Fellow Birdies

    Meeting Fellow Birdies

    Also known as tweeps. It’s no secret I’m addicted to Twitter (@brandibuzzard) – I recently said it in an interview with Cattle Network. Through my addiction, I’ve had the opportunity to ‘meet’ a lot of great people in the “twitter-verse” but haven’t actually met many in real life. I am excited to say that I…