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  • E6 Ranch Suffers the Consequences

    E6 Ranch Suffers the Consequences

    Whether you care to admit it or not, we’re all probably at least a little bit happy about this news update. Regardless of who committed the cruel acts at E6 Ranch, someone needed to be charged and punished for the inexecusable acts. About two weeks ago (yes, I am this far behind on my blogging) Dairy Herd Network’s…

  • Still No Excuse: Owner of E6 Ranch Steps Up

    Still No Excuse: Owner of E6 Ranch Steps Up

    Yesterday, I posted about the recent release of an undercover video by Mercy For Animals of E6 Ranch in Hart, Texas.  Not much has changed since then – the video is still horrific, I’m still outraged that anyone would treat animals that way and unfortunately the video is still receiving views. However, what has changed…

  • Better in Texas

    Better in Texas

    Image courtesy of Texas Department of Agriculture While I don’t necessarily believe the adage that “Everything’s bigger and better in Texas” they are doing some great things in terms of agvocacy and consumer education. While perusing the Texas Department of Agriculture website for jobs (I will eventually have to get a real job and might as…