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  • Don’t Forget Temple!

    Don’t Forget Temple!

    A looong time ago, I posted about the HBO movie ‘Temple Grandin’ that was going to be released soon (‘Temple Grandin – HBO Biopic’ 11/17/09).  Well soon means this Saturday, February 6 at 7pm on HBO.  I repeat, Saturday February 6th at 7 pm.  The movie displays Dr. Grandin’s life from high school (when she…

  • Temple Grandin – HBO Biopic

    Temple Grandin – HBO Biopic

    Temple Grandin has been changing the livestock production industry for the past 25+ years. She has basically written the book on handling facilities and reducing the amount of stress animals undergo in the harvesting phase of production. One of the most highly functional autistic people in the world, she overcame her disorder to write numerous…