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  • Summer Eats: Pico De Gallo

    Summer Eats: Pico De Gallo

    Pico de gallo – looks like salsa but isn’t. In my opinion, pico is easier to make, fresher and also doesn’t sit around in your fridge for as long as a jar of salsa does. The Ninja loves pico de gallo. He can easily eat a quart of it in one setting, which is why I put…

  • Taco Lasagna

    Taco Lasagna

    Prior to this recipe, I had made lasagna from scratch exactly once in my lifetime. And it did not go well. So, when I was perusing recipes a few weeks ago, I honestly was turned off at first. Because I had a really bad experience with “no-boil” noodles and have yet to re-attempt lasagna since…