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  • Protein Challenge – Let Me Eat Steak…and Pork and Chicken

    Protein Challenge – Let Me Eat Steak…and Pork and Chicken

    The past few weeks of the Protein Challenge have sort of gone by in a blur. Actually, April in general went by in a flash! How is tomorrow the first day of May?! So over the past two weeks, I’ve really tried to step up my protein game. Here are some of the awesome protein-rich…

  • Beer Drenched Pork Chops

    Beer Drenched Pork Chops

    My friends and family will tell you I’m not a beer drinker. However, that does not mean that I won’t cook with it – hence this recipe that I found on Pinterest. When you read through the ingredients you’re probably going to think the pork chops will be bitter and overwhelmingly ‘hoppy.’ Not so. I…

  • I’m a Meatatarian

    I’m a Meatatarian

     No veggies? No problem. I’m a red-blooded, God-fearing, feisty American and I like meat. I know how it’s produced, I’m comfortable with the sacrifice made to yield it and I can prepare it 154 ways to amaze even the most skeptical foodie. I eat it at almost every meal and even snack-time if some…