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  • The End of 101 in 1001

    The End of 101 in 1001

    I usually am very organized and pride myself on having a fantastic memory, which is why I was really surprised when I checked my 101 in 1001 list and realized that I had run out of time. Crap. This is like a replay of this day. So anyway, here are my 101 goals in 1001…

  • The Facts on Food Day 2011

    The Facts on Food Day 2011

    Friend or foe? First off, let me say that I applaud an initiative that seeks to narrow the gap between rural producers and urban consumers. That is the whole point of advocacy and a national day that recognizes global hunger, environmental sustainability and the continued humane production of livestock is a giant step in the right direction. Food Day, which is…

  • 101 Update

    101 Update

    Ok, first off — I’ve decided that this blog needs more personal info. So while most Australian/marriage/random posts will end up on my other blog, this one will start having more posts like this, this and this. Now that I’ve scared you away from the blog for all eternity, it’s time to get down to…