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  • 10 Gifts for A Carnivore or Meatatarian

    10 Gifts for A Carnivore or Meatatarian

    I’ve seen a lot posts about gifts for farmers and ranchers, which is fabulous except I don’t have a huge herd of cattle or sheep. I merely have three horses and some scruffy, lovable canines. However, what I do have is a hankering for meat and penchant for incorporating it into many aspects of my…

  • Bacon For A Birthday

    Bacon For A Birthday

    I am quite confident in my gift giving abilities. I work really hard to give thoughtful gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christmas etc. Just ask The Ninja, our first Christmas together I gave him a personalized leather padfolio with his initials and a PowerCat on the back. It was an awesome gift and he thought I was…