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  • Grocery Markets Around the World

    Grocery Markets Around the World

    The Ninja admiring all the dried meats and fancy cheeses at  the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia  One of my favorite things to do while traveling abroad is visiting grocery stores and food markets. Not only are markets a great venue for people watching and experiencing culture, they also provide me with a valuable…

  • Shopping For Meat On A Budget

    Shopping For Meat On A Budget

    It’s no secret that the Frobuzz household is carnivorous. However, the Frobuzz household is also compromised of a grad student, a young professional, dogs, horses, chickens and student loans. Throw that in an equation and you get a smallish grocery budget. Shopping for meat on a tight budget can be difficult but we’re not willing…

  • I’m a Meatatarian

    I’m a Meatatarian

     No veggies? No problem. I’m a red-blooded, God-fearing, feisty American and I like meat. I know how it’s produced, I’m comfortable with the sacrifice made to yield it and I can prepare it 154 ways to amaze even the most skeptical foodie. I eat it at almost every meal and even snack-time if some…