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  • Wordless Wednesday: Fall in the Flint Hills

    Wordless Wednesday: Fall in the Flint Hills

    No one will ever convince me of a prettier place in the fall than Kansas. Ever.   And what would my favorite season be without a little fall decorating?!   Halloween isn’t complete without Edwin the Buzzard hanging out.   I had big aspirations for an elaborate pumpkin display – as you can see that…

  • Decorating with Meat

    Decorating with Meat

    Well, maybe not literally. But it’s no secret that the Ninja and I love meat and livestock. So much that we decorate a lot of surfaces and rooms of our house with those themes in mind. Here are just a few examples of what we’re rocking right now but it change every few months because I get bored:…

  • Decorating the Blog with Diversity

    Decorating the Blog with Diversity

    I struggle to keep this blog ag, K-State and rodeo centered. Because I like random things like decorating and cooking (sometimes) and I always love clothes and would love to be able to do what Sheridan does over on Stitches Without Riches but I don’t want to deter from my real purpose for the blog.…