Food is More Than Calories

Food is so much more than calories.

Food is essential.

Food is a human right.

Food is emotional.

As a rancher, I hope that you trust us to provide high-quality care for all the animals on our ranch, from day one, so that we are putting high-quality food into the supply.

Food is fuel.

Food shouldn’t be feared.

Food is inherently good.

Food is to be enjoyed.

Food is part of our best memories.

Food is intimate.

Food is creative.

Food is something to look forward to.

Food is comforting.

Food is a language of its own.

Food is cultural.

Food is multigenerational.

Food connects us across languages, generations, politics, socioeconomic background and feelings.

Food is life.

Food is so much more than calories.

Food empowers us, fuels our lifestyles and is a constant in our life. We spend 25% of our waking hours planning, preparing and eating food. We show people our love for them with their favorite home-cooked meal. Life’s biggest moments are celebrated at steakhouses and other fine dining establishments.

It’s breaks my heart when I see people terrified to consume a whole food group or missing out on something they enjoy because of a fad diet or fear-mongering campaign. Food is good for us and feeds our mind, bodies and souls.

Food shouldn’t be feared – I hope that your food choices are never based in fear and instead are based on your trust, life experiences, budget and flavor preferences. I was recently speaking at the American Farm Bureau Convention and spoke about how trust is faith with evidence. We purchase certain food brands because they have earned and retained our trust. As a rancher, I hope that you will find that same trust in this space and never hesitate to ask the tough questions about where your food, specifically your beef, comes from.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


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      Thank you, Leah. I appreciate it!