Meat + Veggies + Cheetos = Healthy Life on the Ranch

We eat veggies, whole grains and fruits in this house. 

We also eat Cheetos, fruit snacks and ice cream.

We grow tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, cukes, watermelon, cantaloupe and a bunch of other stuff I don’t eat.

We love growing our own produce but also purchase a lot from the grocery store

In the winter, we buy produce since we live on a tundra where winter never ends (I’m still bitter about that, Mother Nature). We also buy canned and frozen products because ‘local produce’ is not realistic year-round in Kansas.

We buy food from the farmer’s market when we are out and about running errands. 

We buy food from Wal-Mart and support farmers and ranchers that sell their products through that avenue.

We eat conventionally grown produce and protein because we know it’s no different health or safety-wise. 

We don’t do fad diets. 

We eat what fits our budget, the situation and our lifestyle – which all have the likelihood of changing occasionally.

We support choice in the ag industry because there is room for all of us (but make informed decisions, *please*).

We do eat, in moderation, a wide variety of foods (including animal protein, veggies, Cheetos, fruit snacks, whole grains and ice cream). 

We drink real milk. From cows. Because it’s healthy and helps fuel our whole family. We don’t do soy, rice, coconut, oat or almond drinks because real milk is best for our family.

We believe in science and education and support food technologies that embrace sustainability and efficiency.

We don’t believe in fear-based marketing and we denounce food companies that do so. 

Our little cowgirls will know how food is grown and raised long before the topic comes up in an indoor classroom. They will be able to tell their classmates what it’s like when a calf is born, how to collect eggs (and break them), what to yell for the cows to come, how to make tomatoes grow and a whole host of other things.

We don’t know everything but we know that food education and science experiments start at home, with your kids, in the dirt and grass. Our daughters will thrive in this lifestyle and will appreciate the land and animals that make it possible. We are blessed, and so thankful, to have this lifestyle of sustainable food production.

Until next time,

~ Buzzard ~


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  1. Steven Henness Avatar
    Steven Henness

    Thank you. You are the voice of sanity.