2021 Best Gift Guide for Farmers and Ranchers

It’s back again – a gift guide for the whole family! This list has the hook up when it comes to holiday gifts for your farming, ranching and rodeoing family and friends, even the kids and babies are listed on here. I hope it’s helpful and if there is something you think should be included on one of the gift guides, let me know!

Gifts for Gals

  • A fun graphic tee // Worn over a long sleeved tee, worn under a cardigan or worn by itself, there is no limit to a good graphic tee’s options. Inspirational, funny and sarcastic – so many options! Use “BUZZARD20” for 20% off on Cyber Monday!!
  • A simple cross necklace // I wear one like this every single day. My heart melts when my almost 4-month-old baby reaches up and grabs it while eating.
  • Really good warm socks// Necessary? Yes. Lame? No. I have gone through a lot of socks this year, after not getting any new ones last year, and these are my very favorite.
  • A good, thick hand cream // My hands are always cracked and dry from October-March. This stuff helps keep the band-aids at bay!
  • Wooden spoons with cows and class // I have a whole pitcher full of these bamboo utensils – they are easy to clean, stylish and support an American rancher! Use “BUZZARD” at checkout for a discount.
  • Cute, affordable shoes // I may have these in grey leopard and also in the brown. They are comfy, cute and very affordable! Bonus tip: I wear a size 7.5-8 in most shoes and I can wear a kid’s size 4 in Gypsy Jazz!
  • Egg holder for the chicken tender // Whether they prefer chicken rancher or chicken tender, you probably know someone who has chickens and this cute egg tray for the counter or the fridge is just perfect. I have one and I love it!
  • A mug for morning coffee (or evening tea) // This mug is gigantic and describes what we need in our lives, daily. Well made and from my very good friend, Terryn. Use “BUZZARD” at checkout for a discount.
  • A big bag for handling everyone’s issues // To put it lightly, most moms and women are handling their own ish, plus everyone else’s. That takes a big bag or at least deserves a big bag as a reward. These bags from my friend Meredith are awesome – I have the big one, duh.
  • Tea towels for the farmhouse // Sarcasm is one of my skills and I loved incorporating it into these tea towels. Get one or both for your kitchen and make someone smile! Use “BUZZARD20” for 20% off on Cyber Monday!

Gifts for Guys

The only seasoning you’ll need in your house from here on out
  • Long sleeve shirts for layering // After being served these t-shirt ads like 100 times, I finally caved and I am glad I did. They fit well and are great for layering or just a single layer if it’s not too cold.
  • A stylish and warm vest for calving season // A vest is a great layering tool when you want to be warm but also still be able to use your arms more efficiently than the Michelin man. This one was on my husband’s Christmas list – we’ll see if it shows up under the tree or not.
  • Battery charger // Cold weather is here and, at least for us, that means vehicles that are slow to start in the morning. This summer, some heifers got out and in the process of trampling my garden, they also trampled the battery charger. A new one will definitely be under the tree!
  • Sharp knife with a clip // I got my husband a clip-less knife for Christmas two years ago and he lost it the very next day. So now all his knives have clips to lower the number that he goes through. The nice thing is that this one is very affordable and very sharp. This was on the list in 2020 and I’m leaving it here for this year as well BECAUSE IT WORKED HE DIDN’T LOSE THE KNIFE WITH THE CLIP!
  • Sturdy wool socks // Socks are on every Christmas list because they are always in need and warm feet are happy feet. These are my husband’s favorites and I included them again this year.
  • Universal socket wrench // Never cuss yourself for losing the 9/16 again.
  • Great steak seasoning // Is there a grillmaster in your life? Or just someone who loves to cook? If so, they need this seasoning. We use it on ALL the meats, plus green beans, taters and even tried it on eggs, too! Use “BUZZARD” at checkout for discount.
  • Not just any shop radio // The long days in the shop during the farming off season can get boring without some tunes. This radio is a double whammy because it runs off of Milwaukee batteries that work with other power tools, but also can be used to charge your phone. This was on last year’s list and I kept it for 2021 because we just love it so much now that it’s in our processing barn (I need one for the stall barn, to be honest).
  • Heater for the shop // We have one of these and use it for everything for warming up while breeding cows to warming up a baby calf and sometimes even in the garage (with the door cracked, of course). Definitely worth it!
  • A notebook for keeping track of, well, everything // If your family is like ours, there’s eleventy-billion things to do and it has to be written down or it’s forgotten like last year’s Oscar winners. Keep track of all the things in this awesomely inspirational notebook. Use “BUZZARD20” for 20% off on Cyber Monday!!

Farm and Ranch Baby and Kid Gifts

Adorable personalized blanket from CelesteComm on Etsy
  • A wagon for getting around the farm/ranch // via @TaraBeaverCoronado and @CranberryChats – Strollers are great but have you ever pulled your baby/toddler around in a wagon? If not, you’re missing out! My friend Beavs uses hers to let her son stretch out and nap in the vineyard and we have used our to let our daughters be surrounded by toys and snacks while we do cattle work! See more of Cranberry Chats pick’s here.
  • A cute stocking cap // it’s cold and if your littles (toddlers and babies) don’t have much hair (or even if they do), they need a hat! Unicorns are all the rage at our house right now.
  • Solly baby wrap // it’s hard to carry buckets and open gates if your arms are full of little baby rolls. A good wrap is a huge help on the farm/ranch or in any home, really!
  • John Deere Gator // – guys, it’s a gator with SQUIRT GUNS! Where can I get one of these in adult size?
  • Zipper jammies // via @CalfVet_ and moms everywhere – snaps are the worst. Zippers all day, every day! These tractor jams from Free Birdees are a hit!
  • Sensory farm toys // our baby girl is starting to develop hand-eye coordination and these cute plush farm toys that double as rattles help with that!
  • A warm, snuggly personalized blanket // Thanks to my sweet friend Kelly, I have a personalized blanket for each girl from my other friend, Celeste. Ag accurate horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and more in more colors than you can count.
  • Farm/Ranch pacifier // if you’re a family who uses pacifiers, you’ve gotta have a WubbaNub in your favorite farm animal! Horse, bull, dairy cow, pig chicken and lamb– they have so many cute characters!
  • Realistic toy sets // Every little farm/ranch kid needs realistic horse, cow, pig, sheep, ranch, rodeo toys etc. Agzaga has several brands and events to choose from. Be careful or your whole living room will end up looking like the 6666! Use code “BUZZARD10” to get 10% off at checkout!
  • Puzzles for a blizzard-y day // We have a whole shelf in our closet that is just puzzles and rainy/snow day activities and this big floor puzzle is one of them!

So there you have it – now go forth and shop for functionality (emphasis on the fun)! What are some of your favorite go-to gifts for the favorite farmer or rancher in your life – what did I leave off that needs to be included?

Until next time,
~ Buzzard~

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