What Do Farmers and Ranchers Do on Christmas?

We are just like you – we spend time with our families, eat way too many Christmas cookies, watch football and, probably, take a nap.

Cows eating in the winter on Christmas
Cows need breakfast on Christmas too!
But first, we feed the cows (and horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs etc). And make sure they have water (which often involves breaking ice) and are comfortable. This happens before we settle under the tree to open presents but after we fill a mug with cocoa (for my fellow coffee haters) to warm us up for the oncoming winter chill.

Farming and ranching is a full-time job, ’round the clock. Animals need fed and cared for every single day and they don’t care that baby Jesus needs to be celebrated – they care about their rumbling tummies and smacking lips.

And farmers and ranchers aren’t the only ones out there working away on holidays – doctors, nurses, firemen and women, emergency responders, and a whole host of other people are on the clock during the holidays to ensure that the world keeps spinning comfortably for the rest of the population.[bctt tweet=”We don’t ask for extra gratitude or praise, we just ask for you to take a minute to think about us when you’re shopping at the grocery store and consider the care we put
into the food we produce.”]

If you have questions, by all means ask away – I’d be happy to take a few minutes away from schlepping buckets of feed to sit in the truck, sip my cocoa and answer your question.

Whatever you celebrate this season, I hope it’s merry, safe and memorable. Best wishes and see you in 2018!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~



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