9 Running Mistakes I’ll Never, Ever Make Again

Now that I’m back on the running wagon (#runningmama), I’m thrilled to be logging miles 2-3 times per week again. Running is good for the mind, body and soul and I can’t wait for my next half marathon.

While I was thinking about what race to register for, I was flipping through some old training notes and found a list of mistakes that every runner has probably made, but will definitely only make once. Here’s a list of my biggest blunders while running and training over the past 4+ years.

  1. Running 12 miles without water – Yes, I did this. It didn’t occur to me until about mile seven that I had no water stashed along the course and I never carry one of those belts with water bottles. I’ve since learned my lesson and do my long runs in a loop or plant water bottles along the way in advance.
  2. Waiting until 10 am in August to start a 10 mile run – It seems so many of my issues are tied to long runs. I told my dad to come look for me if I wasn’t back in an hour and a half; he found me three miles from the house barely walking in the heat of the day. Bottom line: get your long runs out of the way before 8 am in the summer. Your pace will be faster and you won’t feel as if you’re running on the surface of the sun (without water).
  3. WEARING NIKES – I spent a stupid amount of money on chiropractor appointments before I figured out that I was wearing the wrong shoes. Nike Air Max shoes are not made for logging 30+ miles per week – they have no support whatsoever. I now swear by Pearl Izumi shoes – they provide perfect support, come in cool colors and have saved me more than a few trips to the chiro.

    A runner after a race with her medal
    I can’t let my annoying hair or dysfunctional shoes get in the way of a PR. No DNBs here.
  4. Ignoring serious pain – Along the same lines as the shoe issue, I was having a lot of hip pain. As in, take four ibuprofen before a 9-mile run so that I could get most of the way through without my hip bone feeling as if it was trying to break through my hide. Ignoring muscle pain is mental fortitude – ignoring joint, nerve or lower back pain is just plain stupid. I got to be very close friends with my chiro.
  5. Eating a big meal too close to a long run – I love Hardees. I do not love the taste of Hardees on the way back up or having a hot ham n’ cheese and curly fries sit in my stomach like a rock. Fueling for a run is so very important – protein is my friend! But I learned to give myself an hour (or two) after a large meal before setting out for anything more than a short jog.
  6. NOT eating before a long run – Again with the stupidity in regards to food. I’m honestly not sure what was worse – the big meal before a long run or having no energy during a long, hot run when I decided I didn’t have time to eat (seriously, Buzzard??). Even before a short run, I try to fuel with some string cheese, beef jerky or yogurt so I’m not sure why I thought a 7+ mile run didn’t warrant some fuel.
  7. Breaking in new shoes on a 9-mile run – At one point, I wore out a pair of shoes (not Pearls) and threw them away after a race….before I had bought replacements. After buying new shoes (still not Pearls, hadn’t discovered them yet), I ‘broke them in’ during an excruciating 9-mile run during which the soles of my feet felt like they were on fire. I promptly
    Pearl Izumi running shoes
    I love my purple Pearls
    returned to the store, explained the situation, was measured for new shoes and met the soles of my life.
  8. Throwing away ‘worn out’ shoes before having replacements – Duh. Just duh.
  9. Not having new, strong hairbands for a long run – There are few things that are more aggravating during a run than having to constantly readjust your ponytail. I’m OCD about my hair and it’s amplified when my p’tail won’t stay centered, keeps falling out or, the end all be all, an old hair band BREAKS during readjustment. Oy vey.

Thankfully, I have learned so many lessons during my running journey that I hope to not add any mistakes to this post in the future. Do any of you have running or exercise blunders I should be prepared for or avoid?

Until next time,

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4 responses to “9 Running Mistakes I’ll Never, Ever Make Again”

  1. I learned that Mexican food the night before a long run is also a terrible idea for someone with IBS. Running to every bathroom along the way= not fun. I’m now very particular about the meal I eat the night before a race or long run!

    1. bbuzzard13@gmail.com Avatar

      Yikes! That sounds like zero fun – the meal the night before is so important!

  2. How are you finding time to fit runs in as a fairly new mama? I feel like I have zero time left for anything at the end of the day.

    1. bbuzzard13@gmail.com Avatar

      If hubs is home in the morning, he takes her to daycare and I get to run. Which might seem like it’s unfair to him, but he travels quite a bit so I may only get to run 2 mornings per week. And this week he is gone until Friday morning, so I have to run at lunch or not at all this week! It’s a balancing act for sure. When it gets to be fall and the days are cooler, I’ll run in the evenings.