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Cows at Sunset Center WM
Cows at Sunset Center – Terryn Drieling

Welcome to the new and improved Buzzard’s Beat! Thank you for your patronage and for reading all these years. If you’re here it means that you followed the migration successfully so thank you!

I’m so thrilled to have this new site up and running – I have spent countless hours scouring internet tutorials, consulting with friends (thanks Carrie, Terryn and Kelly), re-formatting posts and fixing bugs. I have learned more about coding, themes and the back-end of blogs than I ever thought possible and I emerged from this blog transition victorious! I still have A TON of post-updating to do – all 400+ posts from the past 5+ years need to be recategorized, reformatted and many permalinks  need to be fixed but it’s ready for public viewing and readership today!

The Snow Must Go On Center WM
The Snow Must Go On Center – Terryn Drieling

Like I said above, I have had a lot of help from friends to make this move happen. Kelly met me in Kansas City to help me figure out how to make my logo and slider work in a theme I should never have purchased. Carrie gave me the confidence and support I needed to take a deep breath and make this move and Terryn has been sending me tutorials, forum answers and even books to help me make this transition. Let’s talk more about her…

Terryn blogs about ranch life in rural, beautiful Nebraska over at Faith, Family and Beef. We virtually “met” through the MBA program but were fortunate enough to meet IRL in Denver at a media training event. She’s smart, sassy and talented and I’m so thankful for Facebook for helping us connect!

What I love about Terryn’s blog is the way she talks about ranch life with a romantic viewpoint. She loves the prairie, which I can attest to, and gives a first-hand view of how she is raising her kids and cows while staying focused of the important things in life: faith, family values and helping make the world a better place. Some of my absolute favorite posts of hers are:

Terryn is one of those awesome women who builds people up instead of tearing them down. One of those strong women I reference in this post, to be sure. In addition to being a strong writer, rancher and mom, she also takes amazing photos, many of which you can see on her Instagram account.  The photos in this post are just a few of her outstanding pieces of art and since today is  a celebration of blogging, ranch life and good friends I am having a giveaway!

Nose Center WM
Nose – Terryn Drieling

UP FOR GRABS: Your choice of a print up to 12×12 from the Faith, Family and Beef print shop.
HOW TO ENTER: Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter multiple times – Rafflecopter will randomly pick three winners.
ADDITIONAL INFO: Only one winner per household and only one print per winner. Multiple entries does not guarantee winning and a single person can only win one print. In the event that one person is drawn twice, a replacement winner will be drawn. If drawn, you will receive a coupon code to use in the Faith, Family and Beef Etsy shop.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to all of my loyal readers – if you have any inputs, suggestions or you find any kinks on this new site please let me know!

Good luck in the giveaway!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


8 responses to “Buzzard’s Beat – Live and Ready for Action”

  1. Leslie Schoenfelder Avatar
    Leslie Schoenfelder

    Congrats on the new format! It looks really great from my phone; can’t wait to visit again from my computer.

    1. Brandi Avatar

      Thanks Leslie – it’s a labor of love 🙂

  2. Looks great! good work!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, Sandy!

  3. Looks awesome!!!

    1. Brandi Avatar

      Thanks Bridget! WIP 🙂

  4. Jenny S. Avatar
    Jenny S.

    Love the new site!! Fresh with lots of white space…which I love. 🙂

    1. Avatar

      I sort of miss my green/purple background but this feels much more professional and clean. Thanks for reading and commenting!