Goodbye Little Trailer on the Prairie

Life has been happening at breakneck speed in our little slice of Heaven. As a blogger I have failed you, dear readers, by not updating y’all regarding our life changes, issues updates or even pictures of my adorable dog. I apologize.

So I shall start at the beginning, because where else could I start? Here’s what’s going down with our family and if you make it through this update there is a 101 in 1001 checklist at the bottom.

The trailer house on the prairie
Bye bye Little Trailer on the Prairie – you’ve been good to us!

1. We’re moving.

Yep – after living in Manhattan for almost a decade we are moving to southeast Kansas to the county where I was born and raised. We are in the final stages of purchasing a small ranch property there and are moving tomorrow. As in, 24 hours from now. Unfortunately, we haven’t closed yet on the house so we are living with my dad for a few weeks until the house is ready. Brings back memories of summer breaks from college…

2. The Ninja is almost a PhD. He is wrapping up his doctoral dissertation which he will defend in early September. He has accepted a position with a swine technology and nutrition company and will start shortly after his dissertation. Real world, here he comes!

3. For some time now, this blog has addressed more than just agriculture, K-State and rodeo and it’s really weighed on me because I haven’t felt like I have been adhering to my rules for blogging or giving my goals any justice. However, I realize that blogging is about life and life is made up of more than advocacy – as it turns out, people like to know what is going on in our personal lives! So, going forward, I will continue to post about marriage, agriculture, rodeo, K-State, running, livestock and other topics I find interesting. In fact, in the next few months I’ll even have real life ranch updates. The difference between now and the past is not the content, it’s how I feel about my content. I am going to stop being ashamed of talking about the ins and outs of my life that aren’t agriculture related. I may even change the blog logo and header, who knows!

And now for the 101 in 1001 update, as promised. These days are just flying by and I am needing to jump on it and get some more things accomplished!

To date, I have completed 30 goals and my challenge ends on October 26, 2016. So not halfway done but I also have a lot of goals that are in progress (21 to be exact) so I am confident I can get that number much higher. A few of the goals I have completed since the last update are below.

– Run 3 – half marathons (yes, you read that correctly) 1 – Glass City Half Marathon 4/27/14; 2 – Sioux Falls Half Marathon 9/7/14 (PR! 1:59:02); 3 – Garmin Wickedly Fast Half Marathon 4/18/15 (2:04:05); 4 – Bill Snyder Highway Half 5/23/15 (2:18:01)
I had no idea that I would complete this goal within a year! But am so glad I did – I feel great!
Learn basic sewing machine skills
– Make a set of curtains using the sewing machine

I made my dad some curtains so that our dogs can’t look in the window and give me sad eyes while we are living at his house.
– Travel internationally – Belize 2015
And we are on track to keep this one going because we are going to spend the month of December abroad!
Organize and clean office so that it’s functional for two people
 Just in time for us to leave, ha!

So there you have it – a mini life update on Buzzard and the Ninja. Anyone have any foolproof packing tips to share with me? I loathe packing, especially kitchen items and things that don’t have a specific category!

Oh, and just for good measure, here’s a picture of my adorable dog.

Cricket, an adorable border collie
Vicious Cricket

Until next time,~ Buzzard ~


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  1. Love this post. Love you. Love that we might be able to meet up more after the move! Good luck during this big transition, Buzzard!