Pounding the Pavement and Inhaling Protein

 10K PR in Manhattan

My feet and legs hurt – I think it’s from kicking so much butt by breaking my 10K PR a week and a half ago. Or it could be because I need new running shoes. Either or.

Whatever the reason, I better get them quick, fast and in a hurry since I’m less than a month out from the race Kelly and I are running in Kansas City on April 18. Boy howdy, it’s coming up fast!

From last Saturday to this coming Saturday, I’m scheduled to run roughly 35h miles but I’m a horrible traveling runner, meaning I don’t do a good job of sticking to my training when I’m out-of-state, so I’ll probably be relegated to about 25ish miles. Not bad, but not great.

I’m having trouble deciding/noticing if I’m getting any faster or more resilient during this round of training. I live in a holler among the Flint Hills, so GPS reception is sketchy and at any given time my Nike+ running app could be telling me I’ve run 1/2 mile farther than I actually have, which [falsely] leads me to believe I’m running 8:15 minute miles for 10 miles straight. Impossible? Absolutely not. Probably inaccurate? Yes.

So while I’m not sure if I’m going to break my PR next month, one thing that I’m certain about is that this girl is getting hangry quite often. Generally after a long run.

Smoked beef brisket
One of my favorite beef meals – smoked beef brisket.

After a long run, which I personally quantify as anything over six miles, I have a noticeable desire for protein, specifically meat. When I say “noticeable,” I mean that I must eat some sort of meat within a half hour or I may chew my arm off to suffice. Sometimes I will eat a few slices of lunch meat to hold me over until I can prepare a full meal or sometimes I will schedule my long runs so that I arrive back at my house roundabout the time my husband has finished grilling lunch or supper, which allows me to dive into a burger, steak or chop almost immediately after my workout. If I don’t get some sort of meat or protein in my system pronto, I feel very sluggish and have a hard time functioning the rest of the day.

Flank steak
Give me all of the flank steak. All. of. it.

Why am I craving protein? Well, that’s easy: protein helps support a strong, lean body which is obviously important to me. Furthermore, a high-protein diet helps build and replenish muscles while at the same time providing the “full” feeling meaning if I’m full from steak I’m not chowing down on Cheetos or cupcakes. I get most of my protein from beef and pork but I am also a huge fan of scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and a big glass of milk. I personally believe that breakfast for supper is one of life’s underappreciated treats. Actually, I think breakfast food anytime is pretty much the bees knees.

Anyhow, since I have no desire to stop running due to my fondness of my current pant size, I’ve got to devise a way to get more protein into my system in order to keep the Cheetos and cupcakes out of my system. Those items tend to mysteriously disappear shortly after they are purchased. Weird.

Next week, I’ll have a protein update that I’m excited to share, a new meaty recipe and hopefully, some new kicks!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


2 responses to “Pounding the Pavement and Inhaling Protein”

  1. You and me both, girl. The hanger is real, and it's dangerous. And long run days are essentially now known by my boyfriend as "Kelly is a bottomless pit of hanger" days. Keep up the great work, though — I love "training with" you and working toward this goal together!

  2. Its funny..every time you try to eat less, work out and shed some kgs, hunger and craving for food kicks in with fury.