I’m Not a Runner

Snowy road in Kansas
 Kansas is pretty even when it’s freezing and snowy!
My running path on Monday – it has since snowed two more inches.

I read a lot of news and while skimming for beef related articles, I come across a lot of health related news as well. And as someone who has initiated a lifestyle change, it’s hard not to be drawn to these kinds of articles:
7 Things Runners Do On Long Runs (But Probably Won’t Admit)
10 Running Goals You Should Make for 2015
Do you give things up during #Lent? As #runners, here are some things we should never sacrifice
5 Core Workouts for Runners 

These pieces all have great tips for runners.

Keyword: runners.

Key note: I don’t really consider myself a runner.

I feel very cocky when I utter the words “I’m a runner” and I feel super awkward when someone calls me one. This doesn’t mean that I think those folks who say, “I’m a runner” are cocky, I’m just describing how I feel.

Cold? Run anyway.

The thing is that I feel like throwing the word “runner” around indicates that I do this for a living. Similar to people who say that they’re writers, engineers or teachers. I feel like saying “I’m a runner” elevates me to a new level of professionalism and I definitely don’t feel like a professional. Especially when I’m not breaking any speed barriers or winning half-marathons.

However, in the course of a week (2/15-2/21) I will have ran five times for a total of 20 miles and all of it in below-freezing weather. So maybe I am a runner after all, because a big part of running, training and racing is just getting out there and DOING IT. Nike is right, just doing it is a big accomplishment. There is no shortage of runners in the spring, summer and fall when the temperatures are warmer (although I despise hot weather more than freezing) but there are not near as many folks pounding the pavement/gravel when the ground is covered in snow and the wind is howling. So I guess Just Doing It is the qualifier for being a runner.

Just the thoughts of a “runner” who is FREEZING out here on the Kansas tundra prairie and really wishing for the temperature to get above 40°F for several days in a row.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

* If you are wanting to train for a half-marathon and are looking for a training schedule, check out the Hal Higdon’s programs. This is the one I’m using for my next race.