World Food Day 2014 – #wfd2014

Today is World Food Day and the theme is Family Farmers: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth. Well ain’t that the truth?!

Did you know that worldwide, family farmers account for 500 million farms (97% of US farms and ranches are family owned and operated)?! That is a load of families investing their time, passion and energy into feeding the world and making sure that the land can sustain the next generation.

Some other cool nuggets of information about family farming around the world:

  • Family owned farms are responsible for at least 56% of agriculture production worldwide
  • Family farms are the main source of rice production – especially in Asia (although rice is grown here in the US in states like Texas, California and Arkansas).
  • Family farmers in the US produce 84% of all produce.
  • Farmers and ranchers work everyday, worldwide, to sustain the land and natural resources for the next generation.

You can read more about World Food Day efforts to feed the world and end world hunger by looking at this inforgraphic or visiting

Family farmers play a crucial role in feeding the world and caring for the earth
Photo courtesy FAO

How are you celebrating World Food Day? Are you taking a farm tour? Are you going to #toastafarmer when you drink milk at supper tonight?

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