What the Muck [Boots] Were They Thinking?

UPDATE: A total summary of the events that transpired of the past few days can be seen here.

I am nothing if not loyal. Once I find a brand I like, I will purchase that brand until I am no longer able. For example, I’ve been wearing Nike sneakers for 20 years, and nothing else. I will always be a Dr. Pepper enthusiast, never Mr. Pibb and I cannot bring myself to purchase any calf rope that isn’t made by Rattler. As you can see, I take loyalty very seriously.

So it saddens me to say that I will no longer be a loyal customer of The Original Muck Boot Company. Yesterday, The Original Muck Boot Company posted a photo describing a fundraiser for the Humane Society of the United States. Yes, that HSUS. Why is this appalling?

Original Muck Boots Company donates to Humane Society of United States
Donating any amount of money to HSUS is funding a campaign against animal agriculture.

Because H$U$ is the organization that strives to abolish animal agriculture and is a rather large opponent of hunting and fishing. I find it asinine that a company who markets to rural Americans – hunters, farmers, ranchers, fisherman, etc – would engage in relations with a charity lobbyist organization who is out to abolish those very industries and hobbies.

So what can you do? Visit the Muck Boots Facebook page and tell them how you feel about their decision. I did, as have many other farmers, ranchers, hunters and advocates.

Farmers, ranchers, hunters and agriculture enthusiasts are disappointed with the Original Muck Boots decision.
Click to read my comment – countless other agriculture enthusiasts,
 farmers and ranchers have chimed in as well.

You can vow to not purchase their products anymore. You could visit a store to return a pair and make sure the manager of that store knows why you’re returning the awesome boots. You could submit a comment to the parent company of Muck Boots, Honeywell. You could start purchasing boots from Bogs, a company that doesn’t donate to HSUS (thanks for the comment, Terryn).

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with a boycott of Muck Boots? Do you think an outcry from the agriculture community will open their eyes in a similar fashion to the #YellowFail events of 2010?

Shout out your comments!

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12 responses to “What the Muck [Boots] Were They Thinking?”

  1. Try Bogs! They are not only less expensive than Muck Boots, they also last longer, and they do not support HSUS.

    1. Great idea – I'm going to add that into the post (and look for a pair of Bogs this fall). Thanks!

    2. I sell Bogs! I would be glad to get you a pair!!

  2. I saw similar posts come across my News Feed this morning and said to my husband, "welp, that sucks!' Both Matt and I have been loyal Muck wearers for years, but that'll be ending.

    1. I agree, Myla! It's so disappointing because they're boots really are THE BEST.

  3. I switched to XtraTuf boots about a year ago. They last longer than my Muck boots ever did. I'm a dairy farmer so good boots are everything to me.

    1. XtraTuf is owned by the same company, just a head up! Neogen is an ag company that makes a great boot. http://www.neogen.com/PrimaTech/Boots.html

    2. I don't think the problem, in hindsight, is the parent company. Although they probably feel like they have a problem now! I'll continue buying Muck Boots but I hope they have learned a) the importance of social media best practices and b) not to confuse HSUS with anyone else!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I certainly won't buy them anymore. I wear them regularly when I volunteer at my local animal shelter. Guess I'll let the dogs use them as chew toys now! 😉

    1. I think it's cleared up now. If you want to go visit the updated post to read the rest of the story, here's the link! http://buzzardsbeat.blogspot.com/2014/08/muck-up-to-their-necks-rest-of-story.html

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    As an agriculture teacher in NC who knows full and well what the HSUS is all about, this is appalling. Bad move, Muck Boots.