Winnie Update – Our Three Remaining Backyard Chickens

As you can see, we have had two unfortunate losses at the Frobuzz Ranchero. Somehow, when I wasn’t looking for a very short amount of time, we lost two Winnies due to some vermin or beast executing a sneak attack. May they RIP.
However, the remaining three are growing like weeds and gobbling up their feed!
The surviving backyard chickens
The surviving Winnies in all their glory
They have been receiving free choice (as much as they can eat) starter/grower chick ration since we brought them home and you can see how big they’ve gotten! The ration is 18% crude protein and supports muscle development and growth. After they finish this bag, I will move them to a layer diet.
This is what we feed the backyard chickens aka Winnies.

Raising backyard chickens
Plenty of straw and shavings for them to scratch around in.
It’s been pretty cool here for the past few days so I turned the heat lamp back on and they’ve been rather appreciative.

Another update in few weeks! They are almost seven weeks old so in about 14 more weeks they should start laying eggs – wahoo!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~