Random Smattering of Life and the Last Stella Chickens Were Kidnapped

Yeah, yeah it’s been three weeks since I last blogged. I don’t have any excuses – I’ve been busy and just never got around to it. But y’all are important to me so I’m going to commit to one post a week – even if it’s just a picture of horses, the Kansas prairie or this adorable little fart-bucket:

His name is Rooster. #RoosterTheRodeoDog to be more specific.

Last week was busy – we got Rooster, the Kansas FFA Convention was in full swing and rodeo season officially started for me. Wahoo – summer is officially here!

And since we’re talking about cool things – check this out:

Oh hey, Tre Walker.
That fella right there is Tre Walker – linebacker (#50) for the K-State Wildcats, ag business major and one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life. No lie. He was the special guest speaker for the third general session of the Kansas FFA Convention and that guy can motivate and inspire an auditorium full of young folks in about three seconds flat. I may frame this and put it next to my photo of Rodney McGruuuuuuder.
Some sad news – whatever evil varmint got the first eight Stellas returned a few weeks ago and claimed the last two. It had to be something small enough to get through a hole the size of a softball – it drug my little Stellas out the top of a door. #mean. 
So, in short, we no longer have any chickens. A lot of folks have said, “just buy some more.” But if I couldn’t protect the first little chicks, why would I want to bring more home to the same doom? I think we will wait until next year until we can retrofit the chicken coop to be more protective of the little chickies.
So that’s my life update for the past three weeks. The upcoming weeks will be full of more rodeos, puppy days, grilling (beef, yum!), a trip to Washington state and hopefully some lake time.
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


2 responses to “Random Smattering of Life and the Last Stella Chickens Were Kidnapped”

  1. Cuuuute pup! And I too love Tre Walker – I didn't know he was an ag biz major! Your chick story is a great argument for the need for poultry housing for our industry.

  2. Kelsey – I completely agree on the poultry housing. I live in the country and have legitimate predators – stray cats, dog, skunks, raccoons, coyotes and apparently some weasels or something. This is exactly WHY chickens are raised in housing.

    Thanks for commenting!