Ranching Awesome – Thriftshop Parody

I love Kansas and I won’t list all the reasons why but contributing to that long list is that all the best farm song parodies come from Kansas.

First there were the Peterson Farm Bros and their two big hits: I’m Farming and I Grow It & Working Farmer Style.

Then, the kids at Wallace County High School in western Kansas came up with this little diddy about the school lunch program and gained a ton of national attention – We Are Hungry.

And the next installment of Kansan farmer prides comes to us from Klingenberg Farms. Say hello to Ranching Awesome – a play on Thriftshop by Macklemore.

You guys have got to check this out – it’s hilarious but oh so informative. The video shows a lot of cattle, pasture burning in the spring, K-State (holla!) and some cute little dancing farm girls! They talk about the different cuts of beef, Omega-3’s, fixing farm equipment – seriously, you will die laughing but will also probably learn something too! And then you’ll have it stuck in your head.


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~ Buzzard ~


2 responses to “Ranching Awesome – Thriftshop Parody”

  1. So true! There is lots packed into this 3 minute piece!! And yes! Stuck in my head! Love to watch these things spread! I was no. 74 to watch Farmer Style with the Peterson…and no. 87 for Ranching Awesome!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. They are all amazing, aren't they? I think the Peterson Bros and Klingenberg Farms should do a song together. Collaborate like the rap stars do!

    Thanks for reading!