Buzzard’s Top Five in 2012

I wanted to have a great post to start ‘twenty-my-favorite-number’ off the right way but the holidays, a cold, the flu, a Fiesta Bowl road trip, a wedding and moving my office have all lent themselves to blog un-productivity. So forgive me as I bring your attention to an easy blog post. The Top Five Most Viewed Posts from 2012.

Here ya go – enjoy!

5. Hyvee, Pink Slime and Stupidity – I was disgusted at the lack of journalistic integrity exercised in the ‘pink slime’ debacle. The barrage of negative press thrown at BPI was absurd but Hyvee provided a refreshing take on standing up to bullies.

4. Agriculture Impressions – these images have set the agriculture advocacy world ablaze. The post includes links to the artist’s Facebook page. Several more have been created since this post went up – be sure to check them all out!

3. Chipotle Strikes a Nerve with Grammy Commercial – continuing on the path of bad PR and misrepresentation of agriculture is multiple offender Chipotle. They contradict themselves when it comes to sourcing their products from ‘local’ producers. Read on…

I’m very proud to say that my top two posts this year stemmed from the creative genius of some Kansas kids! And K-State fans at that!

2. Farming and I Grow It – the first of two viral song parodies, Farming and I Grow It, by the Peterson Farm Bros., has accumulated over 8.1 million views on YouTube. That is epic, to say the least.

1. We Are Hungry – School Lunch Parody – some high school students at Wallace County High School who were disappointed with the ‘revamped’ school lunch program that Michelle Obama incorporated, made this hit video and it resonated with parents, students and educators across the nation. It saw results too – the USDA is upping the amount of meats and grains in school lunches. For the 2012-2013 school year, at least.

There you have it folks – the top five in twenty 12. I hope that I can provide you with more great brain fodder in 2013.  Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~


3 responses to “Buzzard’s Top Five in 2012”

  1. All great posts. Can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

  2. Thanks Crystal! Looking forward to more great CC posts as well 🙂

  3. I love that they all involve agriculture in some way. Thanks for sharing—look forward to more fun posts!