PETA Targets Kids With Christmas Billboard

Apparently, PETA knows no bounds. They have now taken to targeting children with their venomous lies about animal agriculture and the most recent incident is a billboard that poses the question:
 “Kids, if you wouldn’t eat your cat, why eat a turkey?”

I can answer that – a cat is a pet. It sleeps on your bed, eats mice (yuck) and coughs up hairballs.

Turkey, on the other hand, is a farm animal that was created by God for consumption. They eat grain in a farm setting and wild turkeys eat acorns, seeds, flower buds, insects etc. I’d much rather eat some grain, acorn or insect fed turkey than a cat that eats rodents. I’ve eaten bugs before but I would have to be pretty desperate to eat rat.

The video also says that PETA hopes kids will choose tofurkey for Christmas dinner.

Scuse me? You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me. Most kids will eat what is put on their plate but I don’t know a single child who would request tofurkey over real turkey. People be crazy these days.

Check out the video below – what do you think? Has PETA crossed the line….again?

I’m starting to believe that PETA is desperate for people to take them seriously. I think they need some serious PR help.

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~ Buzzard ~


3 responses to “PETA Targets Kids With Christmas Billboard”

  1. I am really not surprised by any of their tactics anymore. I do know that while we were fighting the blizzard to take care of our livestock I was proud to be a farmer and proud of the care we provide for our animals.

  2. Crystal – I'm right there with you. I am not sure that anyone takes them seriously anymore. Hope you guys are staying warm and safe up there! Tell JJB hi!

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