My Baby: Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Nope, I’m not pregnant.

Moving on – my children are much more expensive to feed and are considerably larger. My favorite child, my pride and joy, my baby – the superstar athlete, straight A student, cuddly cute one is Doc. You’ve seen him here.

 And there is the problem child – the one who sneaks out of the house to
meet up with the punk rock boyfriend, the child who gets kicked out of
prom and the one who doesn’t care what I say because I’ll never
understand how hard her life is (*sigh*). Meet Friday, less affectionately known as HB. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. I bought her from my brother – she is a super nice heel horse and I am adding breakaway roping to her repertoire and she’s not doing bad at all.

In all fairness, she isn’t really mean or anything. She just isn’t finished and I don’t devote as much to her as I should. She’s also not Doc, which unfortunately makes her #2 in my book even though she can’t help it. Favorite child syndrome going on at the FroBuzz Ranch. That said, I have ridden three times this week and things are going well. I anticipate that by next spring, she’ll be ready for a summer full of rodeos; once I get her to run through a barrier and some other minor stuff like that.

Sorry for all the words.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~