What’s in That Chicken McNugget?

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I’ve been asked this question before on the blog – most recently in a comment from this post. And I’ve always forgotten to answer it; sorry, I’m not perfect and sometimes I forget. But McDonald’s of Canada has stepped up to the plate and become completely transparent in regards to what is in their products. They have recently invited their customers to pose their questions online at Our Food. Your Questions. and boy are the inquiries rolling in.

Some of the more popular questions are – my synopsis is in italics, but to read the word-for-word detailed answers, visit the website.

— How is it that a McDonald’s burger does not rot? Too dry; not enough moisture for bacteria/mold.
— Does Canada use pink slime? (which I hate saying but that is verbatim – the actual term is lean, finely textured beef) No.
— Does your egg McMuffin use real eggs? Yesa freshly cracked egg for every sandwich.
— Inside the McNugget, is it actually the meat of the chicken or cut offs that nobody would actually want to eat? Answer (verbatim): It’s definitely chicken inside our McNuggets. We use seasoned
chicken breast and a few seasonings, along with a natural proportion of
skin for flavour and as a binder.

I hope that clears up any misconceptions about random chicken parts.

 One of my faves is, “Would you live in the life of one of your cows for even a week?” That’ll make you take a deep breath! McDonald’s has yet to answer that one but you can see the answers to the above questions and more by following the link to the Your Questions website.

I applaud McDonald’s for taking this approach to helping consumers make connections between their food and the way it’s produced/prepared. You should definitely go over and look at some of the other questions being posed and maybe even ask one of your own.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~