Pigs Raised Outdoors Have Lots of Room to Grow

BUT they also have tons of enemies that would love a tasty pork rind to munch on….

Yesterday, we brought home Ferdinand. That won’t really be his name, most likely it will change when we give the pig to the Ninja’s sisters but I like ‘F’ names; they’re cute. Anyway, Ferdinand is very friendly. He likes to root around in the dirt and run in the straw. I’m sure he’d enjoy being out in the woods by our house.

Guess what else lives in the woods by our house? and surrounds us on all sides because we live in the middle of the glorious, rolling Flint Hills.

That’s a canis latrans, more affectionately known as a coyote. And they are everywhere. Last night, they were howling, barking and yipping up a storm. The dogs were barking back – it was chaos.

And you can bet that lil ole 25 lb. Ferdinand wouldn’t stand a chance against Wile E. Coyote if he was out roaming around.

Which is why we raise hogs indoors.

 Ferdinand has plenty of room to move around in his stall, can root in the dirt and play in the straw all the while being safe from the dangers of hungry predators. We take care of our animals because it’s the right thing to do – leaving him outside to find for himself would be cruel.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~