Does PETA cross a line with new ad?

picture courtesy PETA

I think the new PETA ad crosses the line and is pretty bold considering it puts a different spin on a form of domestic abuse (disclaimer: I am not saying they promote/condone domestic abuse. So please don’t flood my comment stream with stuff about how I am reading into things and exaggerating). I also don’t think this type of advertising is successful in converting people to vegetarianism/veganism.  It’s more for shock value, in my opinion. Read the short article and watch the video by clicking the link below.

I can’t find the ad on YouTube so hopefully you clicked the link and watched it.

What do you think?

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4 responses to “Does PETA cross a line with new ad?”

  1. Yet another reason to despise PETA…

  2. I think it’s a great example of just how skewed we are as a society when it comes to animal rights vs. human rights. PETA and HSUS rely on "shock" advertising to get their point or idea across and I think they are very good at it. While this commercial is despicable, I bet their website had several hits and lots of publicity, so the ad was successful! Too bad the ag community couldn’t band together and a start a "shock" campaign of their own…a world without animal agriculture.

  3. They were succesful on the "shock" factor but I don't think anyone really takes them seriously anymore.

  4. This is a related article…something to keep in mind. All these issues are very important. While we (Rural Americans – involved in agriculture) see these commercials as crazy, it’s the urban voter who needs to be educated. We need to be Advocates for Agriculture!