A+ Agriculture Ambassador – Miss America

By now I’m guessing that you’ve at some point heard that Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, is very pro-ag. She grew up in Nebraska while raising cattle with her family and has stayed true to her roots during her tenure as Miss America. Bravo.

Last week, I talked about the pros and cons of Food Day and mentioned a website called www.realfarmersrealfood. This new website is a partnership between Animal Agriculture Alliance and Miss America which aims to provide the real facts about food production in the U.S. and narrow the gap between the rural producer and urban consumer.

In an interview with AAA, Ms. Scanlan said, “most Americans do not understand the connection between the thousands of family farms across the country and their own dinner. Real Farmers Real Food is a positive reminder for each of us to take time to appreciate the many people who make our safe, abundant, and affordable food supply a reality.”
Visitors to the website can:
Sign a pledge in support of agriculture’s diversity and consumer choice
– Read and share an op-ed showcasing American agriculture by the Alliance’s current chairperson, Chris Ashworth, a veterinarian and rancher
– Learn about common myths and facts about farming
– View a collection of farm tours on video

The unveiling of the website come just days before Food Day, which was dubbed “a campaign that downplays the importance of modern agriculture and unfairly criticizes the way of life of many food producers” by many in agriculture.
Ms. Scanlan also ‘starred’ in a one-minute video where she says, “Not everybody farms, but everybody has to eat.”

Miss America hasn’t just recently begun her quest for ag – she has been featured in many other publications for her efforts in advocacy. Check out these links:
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– Miss America Advocates for Agriculture – media interview at Nebraska State Fair
– Miss America Speak to the Benefit of Modern Agriculture

Have I mentioned that Miss America is visiting Kansas in the VERY NEAR future? I haven’t – allow me to do so now.

Food For Thought, a grass roots group that I am very proud to be a member of, will be hosting Miss America on November 15 at 7 pm at Kansas State University. She will be the 2011 Fall Upson Lecture Series speaker and will speak as to the importance of modern agriculture to the global food supply. You should definitely be there in McCain Auditorium on November 15! Admission is free and Food For Thought will be conducting a canned food drive to benefit the Flint Hills Breadbasket.

Hopefully, having such an influential and well-spoken advocate for agriculture will open many people’s eyes to the truths about agriculture. For more information on Miss America’s visit to K-State, feel free to contact me or any other Food For Thought member. Hope you’ll be able to make it.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~