101 in 1001 Update

Ok, it’s been quite a while since I last gave an update on my 101 in 1001 so I thought I’d do some blog filling and catch you up.

Since my last update, the goals I have completed are:

5. Go to bed before midnight every weeknight for two
weeks –

  This was really hard because I’m a night owl but I managed to pull it off by scheduling it the same time as Ninja’s project when I was getting up at 5-6 every morning to weigh, sort or slaughter pigs.
38. Consolidate/forward all email accounts down to

24. Refrain from purchasing any item of clothing, accessory or footwear for 1 month – today is one month since I purchased anything and I am in Perth currently and likely won’t buy anything while I’m gone soooo… success!
51. Muster the courage to play blackjack in a casino –
preferably win
Only won about $20 total and then lost it all back but still, yay me. This was in Calgary when I attended the ILC 2011.

59. Find the perfect cocktail dress – color
 I may have gone overboard – I now have two. A grey one and a black one. Here is the black one:

At my bff Rebecca Tokach’s wedding (rehearsal dinner) with two great guys. This picture doesn’t do the dress justice but you’ll have to trust me on this one.

57. Scuba dive somewhere exotic – Great Barrier
Reef 7/2011

This is me and the hubsy after diving the Great Barrier Reef. To read more about that trip, click here.

69. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the SAME
– Lamington National
Park – 6/2011

I’m not an early bird, so this was difficult but it happened on our roadtrip with Andy, Mandy and Kristen to Queensland. Read more about that trip here and here. This was in Lamington National Park – I didn’t get a sunset picture but take my word for it that I was awake for that occasion.

70. Attend an opera, symphony or musical – Love
Never Dies 9/2011
Ninja took me to see this opera the day I got back from the states. Read more here.

Eat 5 exotic/uncommon foods (Thai seafood
4/12/2011, Tofu Steak 5/2011, Kangaroo 6/2011, Crocodile 7/2011, Octopus
— Crocodile is chewy but good. Octopus is mediocre, at best. KANGAROO IS FREAKING AWESOME – as good or better than venison.

and these are the goals that are currently in progress:
9. Celebrate one of life’s little achievements
once/month for 12 months (1/12)

Watch 5 movies that Ninja loves that don’t interest me (Apocalypse Now,

27. Call
/visit my grandparents once/month for 12 months

29. Attend 6
of Kristy’s sporting events/school events/4-H stuff – (Bourbon Co. hog show,
Bourbon Co. beef show – these were on separate days so they are separate events)

49. Pay off my small credit cards – Maurices, Victoria’s

55. Face 3 fears (claustrophobia 7/2011, heights

58. Create a wardrobe I love. (This is defined as a
closet full of clothes I am equally happy to
  This will be complete when my closet is full – it’s currently about 1/2 full 😉

68. Purge and donate old clothes from closets at
least three times (1- 7/2011)

72. Learn how to make Grandma’s fried
, chicken n’ noodles and divinity
candy  — Grandma taught me how to make fried chicken and I practice the art when I got back to Aus. The Ninja loved it and I must say it was purty tasty.

77. Volunteer once/month at a breadbasket, food
pantry or other comm. service 6 times (5/2011 – Red Shield

79. Donate 25,000 grains of free rice through
Freerice.com (4010)85. Say ‘I love you’ EVERY day for entirety of 1001

88. Attend church once/month for 12 months
90. Read the books from this
Post every day for 1 month on
Oz to Aus
 – I’ve posted 22 days in a row – another 8 days and this one is done!

In summary:
Goals completed- 14  (it seemed like a lot more than that)
Days until end of 1001 – 824